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About Me

My Background

I am a contemporary artist who lives and paints in the New York City metro area. Finishing up a career in printing and publishing, I saw that it was time to think about a productive and creative way to spend the final third of my life. The original inspiration to be an artist struck me in 2003. I signed up for a life drawing class at the School of Visual Arts because I wanted to draw and paint people realistically.  

Now, after fifteen years of painting and exhibiting I try to add a little "magic" to my realism.

My Medium


I paint in oils on canvas and board and I mix colors to match and enhance the colors I see in my subjects.

 My first successful paintings featured New York's unique and iconic water towers.  Oil paints enabled me to capture how the ancient wooden tanks change colors in all different lights.

 I soon added paintings of landscapes from the beautiful places I've visited. Also note "Other Interests" where you can find still lifes, fantasy rooftops and portraits of pets and people, all of it fun to create and pleasing to look at.

My Inspiration


I'm inspired to paint by three things: First of all, it's just fun to paint.  Mixing colors is like alchemy, and laying the paint down on the blank canvas is like making something out of nothing.

My second inspiration is a hope to capture beauty and to paint the beautiful thing

in such a way that it will become a "joy forever" for whoever owns it.

That leads to my third inspiration, the desire to leave something to my loved ones that they can remember me by and then pass along to their loved ones after they, too, come to join me.