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Portfolios - oil paintings

My paintings here are divided into three groups, Cityscapes,  Landscapes and Other Interests.

I decided to paint in 2003.   One day a little blue bird perched on my shoulder and chirped in my ear: “Why not learn how to paint?  You might be good at it.” I signed up for classes at the School of Visual Arts the very next day. 

When I lived in the Flatiron District of Manhattan I became fascinated by New York Cityscapes. Our building had a roof deck that offered incredible views of the city.  I became fascinated by the mammoth and majestic wood water tanks that sit on the rooftops of many older buildings. They are still one of my favorite subjects. There is so much to see and paint in New York and this is only a beginning. 

My Landscapes are inspired by the beautiful places I have visited over the years. I've traveled a fair amount visiting the friends and relatives who live in these places or enjoying wonderful vacations on tropical islands. 

My Other Interests are portraits, still lifes and visions from my dreams and imagination. It's where I experiment with unexpected color, texture and composition. 

Many of these paintings are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting please contact me: